The 2021 Alpine A110 Légende GT Makes A Perfect Car More So

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The Alpine A110S might be the last truly perfect internal combustion engine car, a 288-horsepower, rear-wheel drive, seven-speed dual-clutch, 2,500-pound, rear mid-engine coupe. The new Alpine A110 Légende GT makes it better.

Alpine says that the A110 Légende GT is the “most intense version ever,” and for once I am not put off by a bit of automaker hyperbole. I want every A110 to be the most intense version ever. Instead, we have only 300 A110 Légende GTs, all for Europe and none for the U.S., because the Alpine A110 is mainly here to taunt us. This car costs the equivalent of $91,880, and for once, too, I can almost justify it.

That’s in part because the 2021 A110 Légende GT makes about 50 more horses than the 2020 A110 Légende GT. This version also comes in two different colors, a Mercury Silver and Abyss Blue, with, respectively, black leather and brown leather bucket seats.

The brake calipers are painted gold and the wheels are tasteful 18 inches units. The rear lights are “translucent” LEDs.


Photo: Alpine

Alpine cannot help itself but to go on and on, and I don’t blame it.

Amongst the other distinctive elements, we must mention the Dinamica headliner and glossy carbon fibre elements with a unique copper weave on the centre console, dashboard visor and air vents. The floor mat and aluminium footrest on the passenger’s side complete the welcoming atmosphere and Grand Tourisme spirit of the limited edition A110 LÉGENDE GT 2021. Below the centre console, a numbered plate emphasises the exclusivity of the model.

This car gets up to 33 mpg combined, which is better than my Honda Fit. I defy you to find a single issue with this car beyond its lack of storage space, which is an issue with all rear mid-engine cars. (Clutch pedal. -Ed) It gets to 62 mph in 4.4 seconds. Next time I’m in Europe, it’s possible I will trade a body part for one.

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