Michigan Jeep Plant Appears To Be Entirely Submerged In Flooded Water

The Stellantis Jefferson North Assembly Plant appears to be completely submerged, according to one video sent into local news station WXYZ Detroit. This is the new Jeep plant producing the Jeep Grand Cherokee L.

You can watch the short clip below. It appears to show an undetermined number of Jeeps covered in water all the way up to the roof line.

Heavy rains in the Detroit, Michigan area have resulted in flooding bad enough that people have been abandoning their vehicles in the middle of the road because it is simply impossible to pass through the area. Some areas have seen more than six inches of rain, which can pool dangerously in low areas. The Michigan State Police posted a photo of Interstate-94 submerged in water. Local dive teams were ensuring that no people were trapped in the vehicles. Over 46,000 homes are currently without power.

That kind of rain will leave no one untouched, including Stellantis’ Jeep factory.

The Grand Cherokee L is Jeep’s response to the three-row SUV trend that can still tackle off-road routes even if you also need it to drop the kids off at school. The plant is also producing Dodge Durango SUVs.

We have reached out to Stellantis and will update this post as we receive more information.

UPDATE June 26, 2021 at 4:17 p.m. ET: A Stellantis rep noted the following: “As a result of severe storms that came through Detroit on June 25, many expressways, surface streets and neighborhoods in the area experienced significant flooding, including the Jefferson North Assembly Plant and an adjacent shipping yard. Water from the plant as been removed and second shift will resume at 4:30 p.m. An assessment is being conducted on the condition of vehicles in the yard.”

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