Who’s Your Pick For The Indy 500?

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Today, we’re going to sit down to watch the Greatest Spectacle in Racing, the Indianapolis 500. Thirty-three cars will take to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to duke it out for 500 miles in order to decide on a winner for this iconic race. And I want your predictions now, before anyone hits the track. Who’s going to win?

For some reason, my husband is absolutely convinced that the winner of this year’s 500 is going to come from row eight, which is composed of JR Hildebrand, Santino Ferrucci, and Juan Pablo Montoya. I don’t know why he’s so dead set on this particular row, but he’s rolling with it, and I can admire the dedication. He won’t pick a specific driver, but he is definitely picking a row.

Personally, I’m hoping he’s right, and I’m almost hoping it’s JPM for the simple fact that Montoya asked to have chocolate milk as his drink of choice. Which he will not get, because the Indiana Dairy Association only offers three options, and chocolate is not one of them. But I have this dream that he’ll win, be handed a glass of whole milk, and then pull out a sachet of powdered chocolate drink to mix into his beverage before he dumps it all over himself. The man would get a Nesquik sponsorship for life.

I’m thinking we’re going to see someone from the Fast Nine take the win, and for some reason, I’m sticking with Colton Herta. I know Scott Dixon has a great shot, but I don’t think Herta is going to play nice. He has a great team backing him that can pull out a great strategy of the kind that brought Alexander Rossi his win. He’s kind of an out-there pick, but I think he could easily take it. And while I will admit that I did not correctly predict the polesitter, I’m still sticking with Herta. I think he’s got this in the bag.

My mom has maintained for weeks that she knows exactly who is going to win, but she won’t say who. Very helpful, mom.

But I want to know who everyone else is thinking. Place your (very low stakes) bets and share with the class: who’s going to be the 2021 Indianapolis 500 Champion?

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