What’s Your Road Trip Snack Of Choice?

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When I planned my summer travel, it didn’t seem like it was going to be all that big of a deal. Now that I am within spitting distance of those plans, however, I am starting to realize that I may have erred in planning to live on the road for a month, predominantly out of the back of my Suburban. It’s got me thinking about how I need to prep, and that brought me to the all-important concern: snacks.

I hate having actual, full meals while I’m traveling, especially if I’m road tripping. The very last thing I want to do is pull over for some sit-down dinner that will guarantee I lose an hour, but I also have no desire to get a full meal from Wendy’s. There’s something about feeling full that is exceptionally uncomfortable when I’m doing several long days back-to-back. I’m all about the snacks.

My most recent choice has been artisanal corn nuts. I am more than happy to go with a bag of regular corn nuts, but I took my mom to a cooking class at Whole Foods, and we bought artisanal corn nuts on the way out because they looked good. They were wonderful. Now my husband is convinced that I must try every single form of artisanal corn nut that comes my way. We get to the gas station, I express my desire for corn nuts, and he somehow finds the fancy ones.

They are also not an ideal road trip snack since they just make me thirsty and will probably one day break one of my teeth in the most inconvenient possible location. I suppose that is the price we pay.

But I want to turn it over to the fine folks of Jalopnik, because I’m looking for inspiration. This corn nut phase can only last so long, and I need to start considering what I need to pack.

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