What’s The Most Overpriced Car Around?

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I can’t help but scoff when I see a car on the road that I find disagreeable, for whatever reason. Maybe it’s too big, or too loud, or too flashy. Whatever criteria I’m using that morning, I tend to be a little judgmental, especially If I haven’t had any coffee. But nothing chafes me like cars that are overpriced. Rather, cars that I find are overpriced on top of these other negative qualities.

This makes me wanna ask: What do you think is the most overpriced car for sale now?

I think it’s the Hummer EV Edition 1. OK, so I futzed it a little. Technically, the crab-walking, freedom-watting Hummer EV Edition 1 is not for sale now. Not in the sense that a buyer can go into a dealership and drive out in that behemoth, but the Hummer EV is already taking reservations and, believe it or not, reservations for the most expensive model are full.

Just who is reserving the most expensive Hummer EV? Is there some production company out there planning to put these things in music video shoots and Michael Bay films? Is the Hummer EV Edition 1 going to lead the Autobots now? I just don’t get it!

The estimated MSRP for that thing will be $105,595, which is just ludicrous. It’s not just overpriced, either. It’s over-designed, overwrought, over done! I mean, when Better Call Saul needed a car to definitively say that Nate from The Office was a dude with no taste, they used a Hummer H2. Remember that? And that thing had an MSRP around $53,000 in its heyday, circa 2006.

That’s around $70,000 adjusting for inflation. The Hummer EV Edition 1 is still more than third more expensive than what it cost when the H2 was maybe a little cool. For some people, I suppose.

If I’m being fair to the Hummer EV, its cheapest version is just under $80,000, which is still more expensive than the H2. It being an EV gives it some leeway, but I’m still offended by the price of that Edition 1, but what about you? Which excessively-priced car gets you? What do you think is the most overpriced car?

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