Trio of uber-rare iconic Aston Martins for sale

The Aston Martin DB5 is best known in James Bond-spec coupe form, but Aston also made convertible and shooting brake versions. Specialist dealer Nicholas Mee & Co. is now offering one of each body style as a set, with an asking price of 4 million British pounds (approximately $5.6 million).

All three cars are the high-performance DB5 Vantage model. Of the 1,021 DB5s built between July 1963 and September 1965, just 66 were Vantages, the seller noted in a press release. That included 60 coupes, five convertibles, and just one shooting brake.

In Vantage models, output from the DB5’s 4.0-liter inline-6 was increased by 40 hp, to a new total of 322 hp. That allowed for 0-60 mph acceleration in 6.5 seconds, according to the seller, which isn’t very quick by today’s standards, but was pretty impressive in the mid-1960s.

Aston Martin DB5 trio (Photo by Nicholas Mee & Co.)

Aston Martin DB5 trio (Photo by Nicholas Mee & Co.)

This package deal includes the sole DB5 Vantage shooting brake. The idea supposedly came from Aston Martin chairman David Brown (the “DB” in “DB5”), who wanted a car that could accommodate his hunting dog and polo equipment, according to the seller. This car (with bodywork from London-based coachbuilder Harold Radford & Sons) went to a dealership before being sold to its first owner.

The shooting brake is finished in California Sage with a red interior, while the convertible is finished in Caribbean Pearl Blue with a gold interior and roof. The DB5 coupe has the famous Silver Birch exterior and black interior, just like the iconic “Goldfinger” movie car.

While the price for this trio is steep, it’s worth noting that a single James Bond DB5 (built as a promo car for “Thunderball”) sold for $6.3 million at auction in 2019. Aston is also building 25 new “Goldfinger” continuation cars, complete with gadgets, and priced at over $3 million each.

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