Travis Pastrana Is Never Not In Full Send Mode

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“This car, I get in and sometimes they’re like ‘it’s 700 horsepower’, other times ‘it’s 900 horsepower’, ‘how much power do you want?’ All of it! … Why would you not turn it up to ‘extra spicy’ all of the time?” – Travis Pastrana

When it comes to racing cars, I’m with the wise sage Travis on this one. The quote comes in response to Chris Forsberg saying he lowered the boost on his 1300 horsepower Altima drift machine because he was traction limited and didn’t see the point in delivering more power than he could use. That’s a fair point, considering the car is already capable of delivering a 1000-foot burnout, but if you’ve got the power, why not flaunt it?

You remember the most recent Gymkhana video, right? Travis took this wild nearly-900-horsepower Subaru rallycross car to do donuts and jump around his home town of Annapolis, Maryland. Well, the car isn’t done yet. Tuesday marks the first in a series of Hoonigan-produced drag race videos where Pastrana takes on an increasingly wilder array of machines. Oh, and he brought that mind-blowingly awesome jump with him so that all of his runs across the finish line are a “flying finish”.

If you’ve been watching Hoonigan videos for a while now, you’ll recognize the “This vs. That” format, and you know that the O.G. Gymkhana master Ken Block recently did a series called Hoonicorn Vs. The World. Consider this the Gymkhana Subaru vs. The World series, but with an added Pastrana twist. There aren’t many people in existence who are comfortable going full send over a jump at 150 miles per hour, but that’s just the kind of maniac Pastrana is.

Forsberg’s Altimaniac is wicked fast, but what it has in horsepower it lacks in hook up. The all-wheel drive Subaru is quicker off the line, and that translates to a much faster drag time, even with the jump at the end. If you’re going to go hard, you may as well end with a flourish. In the battle of big-power Japanese super sedans, Pastrana has just smashed the competition.

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