Toyota will reveal some sort of crossover next week

Toyota released a teaser today for something. The company said nothing else about it besides a reveal date, which is why we’re a bit vague.

We’re at least pretty sure it will be for some sort of crossover. It has a hatchback and pronounced fenders that we would associate with many crossovers, including Toyota’s own, such as the RAV4. While it’s possible it’s for an unannounced model, the shape has us thinking it could be the U.S. reveal of one of two previously shown Toyota models.

The first possibility is the bZ4X electric crossover. The raked hatchback and angular design fit the shape of the teaser well. However, the fenders don’t fit as well. That’s where the second possibility, the Corolla Cross comes in. It’s a more rounded design overall, and it has a more upright greenhouse, but the creased lines on the fenders match up nicely with the teaser.

We’ll know what it is soon enough. The reveal of this vehicle is on June 2. And we’re sure to have far more details and photos then.

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