This Slammed Mercedes Is Scraping Its Floor Pan On The Speed Bumps In My Daydreams

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Image: eBay Motors

There is no truism in the automotive sphere more accurate than the fact that it’s always cheaper to buy someone else’s finished project than to build your own from scratch. The seller of this W114-chassis Mercedes 250 claims to have spent over $30,000 rebuilding this car from a rusty shell, and is selling the car with an asking price of just about $18,600. While the pictures don’t tell the whole story, this car does seem to be in pretty decent shape, and it’s clear that a lot of time and effort has gone into achieving this particular look.


Image: eBay Motors

I’ve never really understood Mercedes nomenclature, but based on the limited information in the eBay listing, this appears to be a 250, carrying an M130-designation 2.8-liter inline six gasoline engine. No matter what they’re called, this is a classically handsome design made all the better by this delightfully minty green paint and two-tone white top and color-matched wheels.

There is a lot of custom work done here that isn’t showing well in the photos, but the roof has lowrider-style ghost lace detailing. Man, the detail work on the top must be so cool! It’s a shame the pictures are all either in the dark or direct overhead light. Please, I’m begging you, sellers, take better photos.


Image: eBay Motors

I wouldn’t ever choose to build one of these, but if I did this is pretty much how I’d want it. The wheels aren’t totally my jam, but they’re the right size and that’s an easy fix anyway.


Image: eBay Motors

It’s really hard to define good stance. There isn’t really a good recipe for making a car have good stance, and every car is a little bit different, but this one nails it. I mean, sure, it’s way too low for normal everyday use, and it wouldn’t even drive up my driveway, but I’d happily street park this if it meant I got to drive it every day.

While almost 19 grand is a lot of scratch for an old Merc, this one might well be worth it. Just check out the verbiage from the listing to determine that for yourself before you try to make it yours.

I bought this 1970 Mercedes from the first owner in Canada. The previous owner imported this vehicle from Germany. It sat outside for most of its life, once it arrived in Canada and was barley driven. Causing the body to deteriorate.

I purchased the vehicle and decided to breath in some new life. Cut out all the rust from the vehicle and basically did a full restoration. All rust was replaced with fabricated metal. No Bondo, no body fillers. This car is in immaculate condition, just like factory specs!

Decided to go with a custom one of one paint job with a ghost lace roof and lowrider Style rooftop design. The paint alone costed roughly $15,000!

A lot of hard work, sweat and tears went into restoring this beauty to its current glory, Nick Named Frankenstein, this Mercedes has a modern look but a classic attitude on the streets. That turns anyone’s head!


-New Windshield

-New Window seals (All around)

-New Subframe bushings

-New brakes

-New calipers

-New Brake Lines

-New Fuel Filter

-New Fuel Pump

-New Fuel Line

-New MSD Ignition/Coil

-New Stereo head Unit

-New custom Speaker system

-Battery relocate to trunk

-KYB Shock Absorbers

-ESM 16×8.5 wheels

-New tires

-Seat Covers

-New Carpet

-Webber Dual Carb Conversion

-New Seals For Webber Carbs

-Ignition Kill switch (Anti-Theft)

-New Tail Light Lenses.

-Full trunk and Cabin Sound deadening

-Custom Trunk Design


Image: eBay Motors

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