This Former F1 Driver Started A Sex Toy Business

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If you don’t quite recall the name of Dutch racing driver Robert Doornbos, you’d be forgiven. In 11 Formula One starts with Minardi and Red Bull, his best finish was 12th. In Champ Car, he finished third in the 2007 championship. But his legacy will live on in a much different way. After stepping back from his racing career, Doornbos founded a sex toy company called Kiiroo.

I’ll just let this ad sit with you for a minute.

I’ll just let this ad sit with you for a minute.
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What makes Kiiroo special is that it’s not just a sex toy company—it’s an interactive sex toy company. It refers to its products as “teledildonics,” which I am displeased about having to read.

“We use technology to forge new and better ways for people to connect, because in an increasingly digitalized, freelance world, the need is growing every day,” reads Kiirroo’s website. “We are on a mission to improve human communication online. To date, online communication has only included video, audio or text – but we continue to add a new dimension to the world of social networking; touch.”

Basically, Kiiroo started off as a way to simulate human touch without actually having someone available. Couples separated by long distances can buy separate toys that connect via Bluetooth-enabled video chat. Sync up, and his motions will register in her toy.

No lover? That’s okay. Kiiroo lets you sync up to classic porn or even virtual reality porn. Who even needs a partner when you can just have VR porn?

According to Kiiroo’s website, the company saw quite a resurgence during the COVID-19 pandemic, which left couples separated and single folks stranded in sad, celibate apartments.

As you can imagine, a luxury, Bluetooth-enabled sex toy doesn’t run cheap. There are a few options under $80, but you’re more likely to find ones that run between $100 to $200. So, this serves as a very good lesson for any struggling race car driver: get into the sex toy business, and your career will take off.

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