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This week in racing game news:

“The Crew 2” drops its Season two Episode two content

The nearly three-year-old open-world racing game “The Crew 2” is continuing to release new content in the form of episodic seasons. Just this week, it released its season two, episode two content, somewhat confusingly dubbed “The Game.” The name refers to an in-game stunt show that the player gets to participate in called, you guessed it, “The Game.” The new, free update includes new stunt events, new vehicles, new themed vanities and a new motorpass with 50 new unlockable tiers. Among the new vehicles revealed to be drivable in the new season are the Koenigsegg Gemera and the Yamaha YZR-M1 (Moto GP), both available via vehicle drops separate from the motorpass. In the motorpass, though, you’ll be able to snag a Chevrolet Grand Sport Special Edition 1963, Shelby GT500 1967 Americar Ed. 2020, Volkswagen Kombi High School Edition 2020, and a Tkachenko Ice Hunter 2020. If you’re interested, you can pick up the game right here and check out the trailer for the new season just below. 



“Mass Effect Legendary Edition” lets you use the Mako vehicle handling from 2007 


The classic “Mass Effect” trilogy has been remastered and released this week as a three-in-one package called “Mass Effect Legendary Edition.” The game isn’t necessarily car-centric, but you do use a vehicle to get around, the
M35 Mako. The original handling of the in-game vehicle is famously terrible, and one of the many welcome changes to the new remastered version of the games comes in the form of upgraded controls for the six-wheeled futuristic tank. However,
thanks to an interview by PC Gamer with the game’s project director Mac Walters and environment director Kevin Meek, we learned that players will have the option to use the original Mako handling in all its glory, if they want.
You can pick up the game right here if you’re interested, and if you do elect to use the classic Mako controls, let us know if they’re better or worse than you remember down in the comments below. Happy gaming!


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