Someone Is Shooting At Cars On Southern California Freeways With A BB Gun

A string of shootings on various Southern California freeways over the past month have California Highway Patrol baffled and, with no leads, the shootings seem destined to continue.

The shootings started in late April with multiple cars being shot at and damaged on the same day on the 405 freeway, the Press-Enterprise reports. Then the shootings started moving inland.

The shooter hit drivers on the 91 and 105 freeways earlier this month with late night and early morning shootings. One driver told the Press-Enterprise that they actually saw the muzzle flash when the weapon fired then heard his glass breaking shortly after. Thankfully, in each instance, no one has been hurt.

Eight separate shootings occurred between May 14 and May 17, all of which happened on the 91 freeway between Corona and Fullerton, a distance of nearly 24 miles.  One of CHP’s own vehicles had its rear window shot out this week on the same 91 freeway, KTLA reports.

CHP is being careful not to jump to any conclusions. Officers from different regions are coordinating on investigating, but each incident is being investigated separately by local stations. Despite a majority of the shootings happening on the 91 freeway, authorities don’t believe that they are related and weirdly decline to call them freeway shootings, as Officer Mitch Smith from an Orange County station told the Press-Enterprise:

“We have no reason to believe they are related. But to call them freeway shootings or similar incidents, it’s unclear at this point.”

CHP needs to find out who is doing this and fast. The shooter is obviously a good enough shot to hit cars passing at freeway speeds. Let’s just hope whoever it is doesn’t get bored with BB guns and starts using a higher calibre weapon.

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