Smart will show a crossover concept this September

Although the company left the U.S. a couple years ago, the Smart car brand is still rolling along as an all-electric brand in Europe. And it may be expanding in the near future. This September, the company will show a concept for a little crossover, and it released the above teaser images ahead of time.

The concept is a bit of a departure from the Smart styling we know. It’s very much a two-box design with a long front end compared to the one-box Fortwo and Forfour models currently on sale. And instead of big, rounded headlights, those on the concept are sleek and slender. It does look just as soft and organic as the model’s current cars, though.

The car will make its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. We would guess it will be a bit larger than the Smart Forfour, a subcompact four-door hatchback. We would expect something sized a bit like a four-door Mini Hardtop or possibly a Fiat 500X. It will of course be all electric in keeping with the automaker. Though a production model would likely be marketable in the U.S., we have no expectations of it coming to America since the brand abandoned the market.

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