Porsche Panamera refresh is getting a bigger, meaner front grille

Although the Porsche Panamera just got a noteworthy update for the 2021 model year, the company seems to working on yet another refresh. One of our spy photographers caught this sedan variant out and about with a significantly revised front fascia.

What stands out about this is how large and open the grille is. Looking at the shape, the center portion sticks up higher than the current Panamera, and it’s taller than the outboard sections. It’s reminiscent of the current Macan design. There are only a few slim slats in the grille, too, and the thick sections dividing openings are painted black to make them blend in. Together, it gives this Panamera a huge, angry looking fascia. Another interesting detail are the vertical running lights on the edges of the grille. They’re well hidden under camouflage vinyl, but small holes are opened up to allow some light through.

Otherwise, the rest of the car looks about the same as the current model. Our spy photographer noted that the interior was well-covered, so there may be some changes inside. But with most of the car looking to be carry-over, there likely won’t be many changes under the skin, especially since Porsche just updated the entire powertrain line-up save for the base Panamera.

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