MMA Champ Derrick Lewis KO’d Thief Trying To Break Into His Van

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A man in Houston, Texas, was taken into custody on Tuesday after a failed attempt to break into and/or steal a Ford Transit, but not before the owner of the van, MMA heavyweight, Derrick Lewis, saw the thief and laid him out, per MMA Junkie.

The whole fiasco was a one-two punch for this thwarted thief, starting with having been caught by one of the sport’s KO record holders and culminating in his arrest.

In a now deleted Instagram post, Derrick Lewis mentioned the break-in attempt and more or less said he’d handled the thief before the police arrived. Lewis made sure to note that the thief was in fact OK after the scuffle. Lewis’s Ford Transit wasn’t OK, though, having sustained some damage from the failed break-in attempt.

Now, I could be wrong, but Lewis seems — at the very least — a little angry, but who could blame the guy? I know I’d be upset if I caught a thief trying to break into my car. The difference being I could not dispense the kind of justice Lewis referred to in earlier (and also deleted) Instagram posts, which MMA Junkie cited.

I think three or four of me could occupy the same physical space as one Derrick Lewis, so I would not want to be on the receiving end of that ass-kicking. Maybe that’s why the heavyweight opted for the spacious Ford Transit van, which Ariel Helwani mistakenly referred to as an SUV and MMA Junkie mistook for a truck.

The vehicle in question is obviously a Ford Transit Van, which proves that Derrick Lewis is not only a sharp MMA fighter whose record MMA Junkie covered in their report:

Lewis (25-7 MMA, 16-5 UFC) is currently the No. 3 heavyweight in the latest USA TODAY Sports/MMA Junkie rankings. He’s coming off a “Knockout of the Year” candidate over Curtis Blaydes this past February and is expected to challenge Francis Ngannou for the UFC title in his next fight.

But Lewis is apparently a pretty sharp driver, too, because Ford Transits are excellent vans.

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