Mazda EV plans, Canoo production, Mercedes EQS charging network, Hyundai air taxi: Today’s Car News

Mercedes-Benz is focusing on renewable energy for its charging ecosystem. Mazda has a multi-tier strategy for electrifying its cars this decade, including a dedicated EV platform by 2025. The Hyundai air taxi could be testing with Uber in just a few years. And an EV startup reveals its production partner—and plans to build its EVs in Oklahoma. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

The California EV startup Canoo announced that it’s partnered with Netherlands’ VDL Nedcar and is homing in on Oklahoma for the scaled-up production of its Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle, the first of a portfolio of daringly different vehicles including a pickup, van, and car.

Mazda on Thursday announced plans for a dedicated EV platform by 2025, plus a suite of other electrified models by then. The MX-30 electric crossover arriving later this year is part of that plan, along with future hybrids and plug-in hybrids. 

Mercedes-Benz is building up the charging ecosystem around its EQS flagship electric car. That includes the Plug & Charge compatibility in the U.S. that will eliminate extra handshakes with cards or phones, plus an emphasis on offsetting whatever energy drivers use on its charging “network” with renewable energy. 

Hyundai has announced that its battery electric air taxi project—in partnership with Uber—is running ahead of schedule. Although certification and regulation hurdles loom ahead, these vehicles could be doing test runs by the middle of the decade. 


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