Mansory Rolls-Royce Cullinan by Platinum Motorsports Looks … Not Bad

It’s hard to get Mansory body kits right. Well, what we really mean is it’s hard for Mansory to get pretty much anything right. The German tuning brand has a penchant for going well overboard most of the time. That said, we might have found the exception to that rule. Platinum Motorsports, a tuning company based in Los Angeles, has shared a few images of its newest project: a two-tone Mansory Rolls-Royce Cullinan, which just so happens to work.

At first, this Rolls might look like a bit much. But, you have to think about Mansory’s history. After dishing out some of the gaudiest takes in the aftermarket world, the company’s body kit for the Rolls-Royce Cullinan actually displays a little bit of restraint. It swaps silly looks for a sprinkle of subtlety (aside from the huge fender flares), and the team at Platinum Motorsports neatly overlaid silver-over-blue two-tone paintwork—no, it isn’t a wrap—with a hand-painted orange pinstripe running just over the Cully’s shoulder line.

Like Kim Kardashian’s Escalade we recently featured (that Platinum also worked on), this Cullinan is slammed and rides mere inches off the ground. It also features massive 24-inch wheels by Forgiato, a cat-back exhaust system, and a completely reworked interior. Inside, there’s a bit more of the classic Mansory we know (and usually can’t stand). Nearly everything is orange leather or fur, and on the door sills there are carbon-fiber kick plates that read “One of One.” Platinum said its team tore the old interior out and replaced just about every inch and stitch—that’s no small task.

Platinum said the project took some 600 man-hours to complete; from stripping off the Roller’s body panels to reworking the interior to putting the Mansory kit on to painting the whole thing. It’s not for everyone, but somehow this one-off Cullinan makes a statement without being in your face. We like that.

Thanks to Johnny Beckett (@Paid2shoot) for the photos. 

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