Lamborghini is Going All Hybrid and Electric By 2025

Electrification. Hybridization. Sustainability. These are no longer buzzy words that are a part of some “future wave.” It’s all happening right in front of us, and no one is allowed to cut against that grain. Not even Lamborghini. Which is why the Italian automaker announced today that, by 2025, every Lamborghini on sale will be hybridized or electrified in some way.

Don’t think for a second that the famous Italian marque will all of a sudden pivot to building the next generation of Prius competitors. Oh no. What Lamborghini is doing is exactly what it needs to do to keep its internal combustion engine cars alive—for now.

Lamborghini’s hybrid future will take shape in three parts. The first part has, well, pretty much nothing to do with hybridization. For the next few years, the brand will celebrate its heritage. If you’re at all familiar with the brand you’ll know all that really means is it’s going to keep on churning out powerful, fuel-gargling V-12s. In fact, two new V-12 powered cars will make their debut later this year.

Part two is where the hybridization really begins and the whole celebration-without-consequences party ends. The Sian was the first Lambo to feature a hybridized powertrain, but it was a limited-production vehicle and used a trick super capacitor instead of a conventional hybrid system. In 2023, the first series production (that is to say, not a limited edition supercar like the Sian) hybrid Lamborghini will break cover. By the end of 2024, every Lamborghini on sale will be electrified in some way, likely as plug-in hybrids.

In the second half of the decade, part three takes shape. The first fully electric Lamborghini will take form somewhere between 2025 and 2029. The entire process also focuses on a 50 percent reduction in carbon emissions across all Lamborghini’s cars and production facilities. Get ready, everyone. Things are about to get busy in Sant’Agata.

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