Jeep teases new Commander for Latin America

Jeep has teased a new seven-seat Commander crossover for the Latin American market, confirming for the first time that the nameplate would be used on what is expected to be a Compass-based three-row on a stretched version of the compact platform. 

“The new Jeep D-SUV already has a name! The Jeep Commander will have seven seats and will be launched in the second half of 2021,” Stellantis tweeted to accompany the teaser, which was spotted by Motor1.

Jeep has intermittently used the Commander nameplate on a number of otherwise unrelated vehicles around the world since 2005. The midsize model sold in the United States was a casualty of the fuel economy craze brought on by the financial collapse of 2008.

Jeep also has a Commander and Grand Commander for the Chinese market, which is based on the midsize Cherokee. This Latin American model is expected to be smaller than China’s seven-seater, utilizing the smaller Compass chassis. 

Rumors once suggested that the Chinese Grand Commander could come stateside as a Chrysler model, but the role of midsize three-row in the American Jeep hierarchy will go to the Grand Cherokee L

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