Jeep EV due in 2023, Alfa Romeo to go from no-EV to all-EV by 2027

An all-electric Jeep will launch in the first half of 2023, while Alfa Romeo will sell only electric cars in certain major markets beginning in 2027, parent company Stellantis confirmed Tuesday in a financial results presentation.

Stellantis plans to launch 21 plug-in hybrids and all-electric cars globally over the next two years. That includes at least one Jeep EV, due toward the end of that launch cycle, according to the presentation.

This builds on a previous announcement by Jeep, confirming a full lineup of EVs by 2025—if you think globally. So don’t assume that 2023 EV is United States–bound quite yet.

Jeep’s brand boss recently said that the brand was also considering a “baby Jeep,” as well as hydrogen fuel-cell tech. He’s also promised that EVs from Jeep will be more capable off-road than its gas or diesel models.

Stellantis EV and PHEV launch cadence through 2023 (from first half 2021 results presentation)

Stellantis EV and PHEV launch cadence through 2023 (from first half 2021 results presentation)


Alfa Romeo, meanwhile, is going from no EVs whatsoever to a full suite of them. The Italian brand currently won’t even get its first plug-in hybrid until 2022, according to the Stellantis presentation. But by 2027, it will sell only EVs in the North America, China, and Europe, Stellantis said. That leaves out the rest of the world, but does cover the largest global new-car markets.

It’s another indication that the former Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) brands might finally take electric cars seriously under the aegis of Stellantis, which was created by the merger of FCA and France’s PSA Group.

Last month, Stellantis unveiled a family of modular EV platforms to support new models from its numerous brands, including an electric Ram 1500 pickup truck and Dodge electric muscle car.

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