Is Your Jeep Feeling Chippy? The Brand’s New Gorilla Glass Windshield Might Solve That

Jeep owners who have reported their windshields getting a bit chippy over the course of their ownership experience may now finally have an option that will keep their glass intact. Jeep has recently announced that its dealers can now order a Gorilla Glass windshield for modern Wrangler SUVs and Gladiator pickups.



In case you aren’t familiar, Gorilla Glass is essentially glass that’s been treated with a chemical compound that makes it more resistant to chips and scratches. It’s designed to be thin and lightweight, which is why it’s used in so many smartphone displays. The special glass is produced by a company called Corning, and is made by taking regular glass and giving it a hot potassium salt bath that’s then complemented by a chemical process known as ion exchange.

In the case of the Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator, the models’ newly available windshield option consists of a thin Gorilla Glass inner ply and a 52 percent thicker outer ply. As a result, it ought to provide ample resistance to chips and cracks from the rocks and other debris Jeep owners encounter both on- and off-road. Even better, the Gorilla Glass-enforced windshield is reportedly even lighter than its Gorilla-free counterpart.

Pricing for the Jeep’s newly available Gorilla Glass windshield for the Wrangler and Gladiator is trim dependant. Nevertheless, plan on dropping somewhere between $550 and $750 at your local Jeep dealer should you decide to make the switch.

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