Horrifying Crash In Kansas Sees Car Split Down The Middle

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Screenshot: FOX 4 KC

A single-car crash in Kansas this weekend has provided one of the most horrifying accident images of the year, which you can see in the screenshot heading up this story. What you’re seeing isn’t two cars. That is a single vehicle that was rent apart so violently it shaved off half of the machine.

The crash was reported near 55th Street and Shawnee Mission Parkway in Fairway, Kansas. It was called in sometime around three in the morning, resulting in the road being shut down until just before eight local time while authorities cleaned up the crash and investigated the accident.

Right now, the sheriff’s office has reported to FOX 4 KC that it appears the driver was simply going too fast and collided with a tree. That resulted in the split down the middle that we can see in the photographs above. The accident was obviously fatal for the driver, who is currently the only reported person in the car. That person has not been identified.

The condition of the driver has also not been released, so it is unclear if they were under the influence, tired, ill, or simply driving too fast. The crash is still under investigation; we’ll add further details as they are provided.

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