Hofele Custom Bespoke Mercedes-Benz AMG G63 G-Wagon

Hofele Design, a German company that has been in the automotive design and engineering business for 35 years, specializes in producing components and concepts exclusively for the Mercedes-Benz brand. It also builds complete bespoke Mercedes-Benz vehicles, as exemplified by a Mercedes-Benz AMG G63 that it recently created for a customer.

Dubbed “Limitless,” the HG63 by Hofele shows off the unique style of its owner, who undoubtedly wants their G-Class to leave a trail of bling wherever it goes. Hofele aims to enhance—and enhance, it did.

Brown Beauty

The exterior color is called Citrine Brown Magno, and comes from the G Manufaktur personalization program. It’s a classy, rich, timeless color.

Orange Is the New Black

The inside looks orange—because it is. The photogenic interior comes courtesy of Hofele Mandarin Orange Nappa leather and Alcantara, complete with a unique stitching and perforation pattern. Shades of orange aren’t standard interior go-to colors, but Hofele crafted the dramatic look nicely.

Carbon Fiber for the Win

This Hofele G-Wagon is slathered in carbon fiber trim inside and out, acting as the glue that binds the exterior to the interior. Combined with black badges, it tastefully complements the brown and orange color scheme.

Big Wheels for All Bespoke Builds

Custom wheels are a must for a build like this. Hofele bolted up 24-inch Cross Spoke forged alloy wheels finished in Grey Shadow Gloss.

Elegant Add-Ons

A Hofele wide-arch exterior styling package reworks the front bumper and adds some additional aggressive styling cues. Notice the “Power Dome” hood and wheel arch mounted side vents. Full-length electric side steps allow easier entry and egress.

This specific G-Wagon build isn’t for everyone, but the beauty of a bespoke vehicle is that it only has to please one person: the owner.

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