Ford Maverick Pricing Tops Out Around $36,000, Per Configurator

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Ford has made quite the ado about the new Maverick’s price, which starts at under $20,000 when you exclude the mandatory delivery fee (which pops it up to $21,490—still not bad, but also not as easily marketable). Current trim level pricing hasn’t been officially released yet, but you can play with the configurator. And the configurator currently tops out at $36,410. Let me walk you through how I got there.

First, you’re going to want to go for the Lariat trim, which is the highest offered on the Maverick. It’s one of those fun packages that turns your work truck into a do-it-all luxury machine that includes things like bedliner spray, a higher-quality speaker system, wireless charging pad, heated seats and steering wheel, bed tie-down locking rails with two locking brackets, and more. You know, those little things that aren’t necessary but that can transform your drive from utilitarian to lush.

I then went ahead and added the 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine, which is a boost in price by $1,085. Then, you add:

  • Lariat Luxury Package, add $3,340
  • First Edition Package (only available on the Lariat trim), add $1,495
  • Ford Co-Pilot 360 (which you have to add on the Lariat trim), add $540
  • 4K Tow Package, add $475

That’ll add up to $36,410—if you don’t add any accessories, which I didn’t. I wanted to evaluate this based solely on packages and trims. Start packing on things like the wheel lock kit, tool box swing case, and bed divider kit, and you can end up with a truck that costs closer to $40,000.

There’s also an FX4 off-road package for the Lariat trim worth $800, but you can’t have both that and the Luxury package.

As I’m sure you can imagine, the Lariat has the most optional offerings. The base XL only offers a single option in the Co-Pilot 360 suite of advanced safety features. The mid-range XLT offers the XLT Luxury Package, the FX4 Off-Road Package (again, you have to choose between the previous two), the 4K Tow Package, and Co-Pilot 360.

Still not a bad price for a fully-equipped truck.

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