Ford acknowledges Bronco delays, asks reservations holders for patience

2021 Ford Bronco Reservation holders who have not yet received confirmation that their trucks have hit the assembly line received a bit of bad news headed into the long weekend: The delays continue, and Ford really doesn’t know how long they will drag out, going on to explain that the hardtop option continues to be their “Achilles heel” and that supply simply cannot keep up with demand. 

Word circulated earlier this week that an official communication was expected from Ford on Friday. That came in the form of a letter, which is unusual both in its candor and casual tone. Our friends at Hooniverse posted it in its entirety both on their own site and on Twitter:

“You’ve been patient,” it reads. “And we thank you for that. We’ve been doing everything we can. Through the pandemic. Through unprecedented demand. Through supply-chain hurdles and countless other things you don’t give a damn about. All you want is a Bronco.”

“The reason this email is down to the wire is because we’ve been doing everything we possibly can to avoid the need to send it,” it continues. “This launch has scuttled our best intentions and assumptions, so we want to set things right by talking to you straight: we are not yet able to give you a delivery timing update.”

So, more bad news for (hopeful) owners who have already heard plenty of it. Ford assured reservation holders that it will update them as the status of their orders change; when that may happen, however, is anybody’s guess. 

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