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This week in racing game news:

‘Rocket League’ has brought ‘Fast & Furious’ cars back into the mix

With the much-anticipated “Fast & Furious 9” set to release later this month, it’s not surprising that “Rocket League” has gotten into the promotional mix. Starting June 17, you’ll be able to purchase and use the Dodge Charger, Nissan Skyline and Pontiac Fiero to live out all of your car soccer dreams. This isn’t the first time “Fast & Furious” content has made its way into the Rocket League world, with the original DLC pack releasing all the way back in 2017. This new offering, though, will give players the opportunity to grab everything that was available in the original DLC and more.

The new content will be offered a few different ways. First up, you can get the whole bundle for 2,400 in-game credits ($24) and that will include the Fast & Furious Pontiac Fiero with 2 wheel styles and 6 decals, the Fast & Furious Dodge Charger with 2 wheel styles and 7 decals and finally the Fast & Furious Nissan Skyline which also includes 2 wheel styles and 7 decals. If you don’t want to splurge on the whole bundle, though, you’ll also have the option of buying each car pack individually for 1,000 credits ($10) and if you already have the Charger or Skyline from the last time they were available you’ll be able to buy an upgrade pack to get the new wheels and decal for just 300 credits ($3). Get out there and make Dom Toretto proud.



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