Audi EV plan, Mach-E GT range, California grid, USPS contract: Today’s Car News

Audi shows us how it plans to phase out internal combustion. California heat waves are prompting some warnings about EV charging. The controversial USPS contract for next-generation vehicles will rely on Ford components. And Ford delivers some good news about range ratings on the Mustang Mach-E GT Performance. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Ford confirmed that the official EPA range estimates for the Mach-E GT and GT Performance are 270 and 260 miles, respectively. That’s much better than what Ford had anticipated prior to certification. 

Audi has mapped out its shift to all-electric, which now includes only EV models launched from 2026 and no more gasoline models in the lineup by 2033. 

Oshkosh Defense has announced that it will build its next-generation postal vehicles in South Carolina, with Ford providing many of the key powertrain pieces for internal-combustion and electric versions alike. Although the controversy continues over a contract, awarded after Biden’s all-electric, American-made mantra, that only expects 10% of them to be EVs over a 10-year period.  

And the California heat waves last week and again this week are prompting alerts urging energy conservation, and things like pre-emptive EV charging to ease peak demand on the grid. After last year’s diesel-generator fiasco, the pressure is on. 


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