Aston Martin DB5 Vantage trio for sale, and they’re as rare as rare gets

Among classic Aston Martins, there are perhaps none better, from pre-war antiques to modern supercars, than the DB5. And among DB5s, the Vantage specifications are the most prized among car collectors. With only 70 of the high-performance examples built out of an already small pool of about 1,023 regular-flavor DB5s, they are a rare breed. If that’s your bag, there’s currently a once-in-a-lifetime sale of three different body styles of DB5 Vantages as one lot.

The sale, facilitated by Aston Martin dealers Nicholas Mee & Co Ltd., will offer a Vantage in every DB5 body style built. The Vantages looked like normal DB5s, but had 322 horsepower, a 40-horse gain, thanks to a higher cam profile and some Weber carbs to replace the S.U. units.  On the coupe, at least, that translated to a 0-60 time in the mid-6’s, quite impressive for a 1960s car. The Vantage sale trio is one coupe, one convertible, and one shooting brake.

It’d be impossible to get that last one anywhere else, as there was only one factory Vantage shooting brake ever built, and this is it.

In total, only 12 DB5 shooting brakes were made, with the first being a one-off for Aston Martin’s chairman at the time, David Brown. He used it for the most rich-British-guy activities you can imagine — hauling gun dogs and polo equipment. Eventually, 11 were ordered by customers, but this California Sage specimen is the sole Vantage-spec car.

The next rarest is the Caribbean Pearl Blue convertible. Only 123 DB5 convertibles were ever built, and only 5 to 12 (depending on who you ask) were fitted with the Vantage engine. While rarity or open-top cruising might be reasons to desire this car, we want it simply because it’s one of the few we’ve seen that doesn’t come in some dour shade of gray or British racing green.

Lastly, for all the 007 cosplayers, is the Silver Birch coupe, looking exactly like the one made famous by James Bond. It has been a staple of the film franchise ever since 1964’s “Goldfinger,” quite possibly the first car to benefit from a movie fame halo long before the Back to the Future” DeLorean or the Fast and the Furious” Supra.

All three cars come with a dossier of build details, ownership and maintenance records, and British Motor Industry Heritage Trust certificates guaranteeing their provenance.

The asking price is $5,643,000, which may seem steep considering a DB5 Vantage coupe is worth a little over $1 million. However, if you must have the other rare models included in the set, this is the only game in town.

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