2023 Kia Sportage Teasers Show Off Huge Screen, Slick New Looks

Kia is on the cusp of revealing its latest Sportage, and so it has kicked off a game of “tease-the-new-crossover.” Enter these darkened images of what looks to be a concept version of the 2023 Sportage. We’ve lightened the photos to reveal a bit more, which is how we determined the compact SUV lacks door handles—a sure sign this may not be the final, dealership-ready design.

But these images are likely close to the real deal, as evidenced by other seemingly production-appropriate bits such as the side mirrors, aerodynamic winglets flanking the rear window, and an interior with a massive infotainment screen that’s reminiscent of the Cadillac Escalade and Lyriq SUVs’ displays.

So, What’s New?

A lot, actually, though the 2023 Kia Sportage stays on trend with the current model it replaces and presents a … busily styled face. The look is cleaner than the bug-eyed treatment on today’s Sportage, however, with headlights integrated into a large, full-width grille and intake element. Big boomerang-shaped LED running lamps are eye-catching additions, while the overall front-end graphic resembles the helmet of a stormtrooper from the Star Wars franchise (at least on this light-colored example).

The sides and rear of the new Sportage are similarly improved, with a more windswept shape and more technical detailing. The taillights adopt an almost full-width design (a little strip connects them), and the tailgate has a smooth, premium look to it. Kia’s new logo lives in the middle of the tailgate. Blacked-out roof pillars enhance the sporty low-roof look.

But Oh Boy, That Screen

Huge screens are fast becoming many automakers’ go-to selling points, so it comes as little surprise that the new Sportage sports a flashy display setup. What is a surprise is just how massive the Kia’s infotainment screen is. The Sportage’s setup is curved and seemingly seamless. We presume the right side of the display is touch-sensitive, while the area in front of the driver is manipulated via steering-wheel controls.

We’re digging the way Kia’s designers flanked the screen with air vents, especially the right-side piece, which flows into a long faux vent to reach the vent in the far-right corner of the dashboard. If the shape looks familiar, it’s because it is similar to the kinked boomerang-ish flourish seen on the K5 sedan’s headlights. Central airflow needs are handled by two subtle vents integrated into an HVAC control panel beneath the big screen. There also are what appear to be volume and tuning knobs on either side of that panel, though it’s tough to make out from these images.

For now, these images are all we have to go on regarding new Sportage information. Kia states more details will trickle out over the coming weeks during the lead-up to the SUV’s full debut in July. Stay tuned for more.

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