2022 Kia Stinger Scorpion Special Edition Is Cool, Not Very Limited

The Kia Stinger forced enthusiasts to look at the Kia brand differently, and the brand hopes the low-volume 2022 Stinger Scorpion Edition will keep the enthusiast momentum for the sleek four-door alive. Hinted at when we got our first look at the 2022 Stinger a few months ago, the Scorpion Special Edition is limited to just 250 units … per month, until Kia decides to end the run, which depends on market demand. In the United States, Stinger sales have hovered in the high three-figure or low four-figure range each month, so 250 units represents very roughly a quarter of an average month’s sales this year.

Even so, the Scorpion package’s aesthetic features are the stuff of special edition models. For one, there’s the rear wing, which flows nicely from the slope of the hatch and accentuates the Stinger’s rear lighting treatment. Some exterior elements are blacked out: the exhaust tips, the side mirror caps, and the fender vents. The 19-inch black wheels are unique to the Scorpion, too, and the interior sports either black or red Nappa leather complement by carbon-fiber-look trim.

Only available on the GT2 trim with either rear- or all-wheel-drive, the Scorpion Special Edition doesn’t bring any additional performance or handling competence to the table. For an enthusiast car, those kinds of additions are the sort of icing potential buyers crave. But a different aesthetic, offered in somewhat limited quantities, has some appeal— provided you’re into the three paint colors Kia offers to Stinger Scorpion buyers: white, black, or silver.

The Scorpion Package is a $1,295 option, bringing the price to $53,630 for RWD models (add $2,200 for AWD). Want one? Then head over to your local Kia dealer, as the Stinger Scorpion Special Edition is on sale now.

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