2022 Honda Civic Sedan Looks Good Lowered on Aftermarket Rims

Moments after the official images of the upcoming 11th generation Honda Civic sedan hit the airwaves, the enthusiast community began pitching potential changes. Some want a complete “do over,” while others appreciate the 2022 Civic’s design departure from its older sibling’s rather aggressive nature. Regardless of what side of the fence you’re viewing things from, most will agree that a tasteful set of wheels and tires, along with the elimination of at least a portion of that often dreaded factory tire-to-fender distance, is the easiest way to make the biggest visual impact.

Factory Wheel Woes

Having some time to mull over the various angles of the latest version of Honda’s golden child, it just seems like the factory wheels miss the mark.  The rollers on the Touring sedan are complex and a little messy, with the main five-spoke face broken up by another five-spoke that piggybacks, then splits in two directions as it meets the wheel’s lip. They don’t seem to flow with the new sedan’s blunt styling.

With the Sport model, the black wheels are perhaps too simple, and do little to add any real attitude to what’s supposed to represent a slightly hotter version of the entry-level sedan. Since a wheel and tire package and bringing the car a little closer to earth are by far the most popular first mods for any new car, we took a look at a couple of popular, iconic options.

TE37 All the Things!

For this Touring model, a simple and bold six-spoke style, like that found on these lightweight Volk Racing TE37, just makes sense. This design, through its many micro-adjustments and spin-off models, has been around for over 20 years and has long served as one of the most sought-after options. The TE37 simply looks good on just about everything—this Civic included. This particular version, with its unique Pressed Graphite color and bright red spoke sticker, comes from the SL series and pairs nicely with the Civic’s red paint.

We wanted to see what a bright white wheel would look like against the Aegean Blue Metallic paint. Once again avoiding complex styles, we picked these iconic Regamaster Evos. The thick, five-spoke wheel with its nicely sized lip helps give the sedan a more aggressive touch without going overboard. The original Regamaster wheels were produced in Russia and included a matte black version in 15- and-16-inch options that were built in collaboration with Spoon Sports.

Today, the lightweight, forged Regamaster Evo II is once again in production and now manufactured in Japan by Formula One wheel supplier Taneisya. Available in larger sizes, 10th generation Civic owners, especially the Type R crowd, latched on to the design and it certainly suits the 11th-gen chassis as well.

Walk Before Running

In both cases, the profile of the Civic is sleeker and a bit leaner with the lower stance and rolling stock. The front fascia, which feels heavily toned down when compared to the outgoing model, appears more aggressive with a little more tire and less real estate between it and the pavement.

While both wheel styles may not be your particular cup of tea, at least you get a solid indication of just how much of a difference these minor mods can make, even before the 10-foot rear wing and mass of stickers start accumulating.

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